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"Once Upon a Time in Kochi" is a fashion collection that takes inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Kochi, a city in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The collection draws from the vibrant and diverse mix of cultures that have influenced Kochi over the centuries, including Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonialism.
  • Swiss dot roll collar dress Swiss dot roll collar dress
    Quickshop Radiate charm in this olive green dress made from cotton fabric
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    Swiss dot roll collar dress
    Regular price ₹ 4,700.00 ₹ 4,900.00 Sale price
  • Red Textured Cotton Dress Red Textured Cotton Dress
    Quickshop Spice up your day with this red kurta made from textured cotton...
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    Red Textured Cotton Dress
    On sale from ₹ 2,590.00
  • Handloom Cotton Kurta Handloom Cotton Kurta
    Quickshop Elevate your wardrobe with this multicolor casual kurta made from handloom cotton...
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    Handloom Cotton Kurta
    On sale from ₹ 3,120.00
  • Printed Cotton kurta Printed Cotton kurta
    Quickshop Define trends with this printed collared kurta made from 100% lightweight cotton...
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    Printed Cotton kurta
    Regular price ₹ 3,120.00 ₹ 3,900.00 Sale price